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  1. 2008.07.12 해외 에너지 관련 사이트 링크 (2)

해외 에너지 관련 사이트 링크

ACE(The Asian Center for Energy)

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute

Asea Brown Boveri

American Gas Association

American Petroleum Institute

APPA (American Public Power Association)

 Applied Econometrics

Argonne National Laboratory

Bridlewood Residents Hydro Line Committee (Electromagnetic Fields Information Service)

Bureau of Reclamation-Power Resources Offic

BP Statistical Review of World Energy

Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, The University of Delaware

Economics Planning Agency of Japan

EEnergy Informer

EIA Publications

Electricity Online

Energy Conservation News

Energy Intelligence Group

EPRI Journal

Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory

Financial Times Energy

Foreign Affairs

IAEE Newsletter

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Independent Energy

Industrial Minerals

International Energy Agency

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Journal of Economic Literature

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics

Monthly Energy Review

National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Natural Resources Forum


Oil & Gas Journal Online


Petroleum Economist

Pipeline and Gas Journal

Platts GlobalEnergy

Poten & Partners Publications

The Economist

The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology

The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

The Middle East Economic Survey

The RAND Journal of Economics

U.S Department of Energy

U.S DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network

U.S DOE Energy Information Administration

United States Energy Association

World Energy Efficiency Association

World Gas Intelligence

World Oil

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